Singapore HDB Flat – Public Housing in Singapore

Singapore HDB Flats are public housing developed by the Housing Development Board, Singapore's public housing authority and a statutory board under the Ministry of National Development. Today more than 84% of the Singapore population stays in these affordable quality homes.

Except for HDB Executive Condos, these flats do not offer amenities like swimming pools or tennis courts or gyms like condos do.

For the convenience of residents, HDB towns are provided with various commercial, recreational, and social facilities and amenities such as schools, supermarkets, clinics, food centres, swimming pools, sports stadium and shopping centres. And to ensure their vibrancy and continued relevance, HDB brings new features, facilities, and improvements to its older estates and towns through renewal and upgrading programmes.

HDB flats are generally categorized by the total number of rooms. A 5 room HDB flat is an apartment with 3 bedrooms plus a living room and a dining room; and would be equivalent to a 3 bedroom condo apartment.

HDB offer flats ranging from Studio Apartment, 2-room, 3-room, 4-room, 5-room and Executive.

Rooms for Rent in HDB
Singles looking for budget accommodation can find a wide choice of rooms for rent available throughout Singapore HDB flats island wide. Checkout our latest listings of rooms for rent..

Singapore HDB flat Rental
Couples or family, who are Singapore PR, non-citizen or Singaporeans, looking for affordable long term housing can choose to rent the entire HDB flat from its existing owner. Checkout our latest listings of HDB flats for rent here..

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